Our Vision

What you know about wine It is difficult to define it. Do you know how to defend a wine list? Do you know how to choose well in a wine cellar? Guess what you came to drink without looking at the label? There are many levels, demands and, why not say, a lot of posture.

Our passion is the wines, their elaboration, the culture that surrounds the world of the wines and their people.

Our offer

Family wineries that after generations have been dedicated to produce flavors, aromas and unique sensations, are the ones that we look for to bring you this experience.

We offer exclusive, fine and rare wines made by artisans and produced for current winemakers and winemakers.
In our selection we can highlight Sangria, vermouth, sparkling wines, and other elaborations, which are deeply rooted in the popular culture of Mediterranean countries, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece.

In Real Vinum Import we move into new ways of wine culture in the state of Florida.


If you need any information about us or need a Quotation, please feel to free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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